The most important mission of the Society is care, preservation, reconstruction and rebuilding of fortifications in the Dubrovnik area, primarily city walls and forts of Dubrovnik and Ston. The Society is also in charge of maintenance and preservation of cultural and historical monuments in its ownership – the Konavle Fort Sokol and the Society headquarters, the Gozze-Besegli-Katić Palace at Gundulićeva Poljana in Dubrovnik.

City walls

Dubrovnik city walls today have the girth established in the 13th century and were systematically and continuously perfected over several hundred years, until 1660, when the last of the towers, the St. Stephen’s Bastion, located at the…

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Walls of Ston

Ston city walls consist of the main wall and three forts (Veliki Kaštio, Koruna and Podzvizd), forty-one towers, seven bastions, (Sokolić, Arcimon in Ston, the three bastions of Veliki Kaštel, the Podzvizda bastion and the Arcimon in Mali Ston…

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Sokol tower

This fort found itself under Dubrovnik rule in 1420 and was immediately submitted to further construction – rebuilding of certain parts, strengthening of others, arming and general maintenance. This fort survived unscathed the big…

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Fort Lawrence

The monumental fortress, called the Gibraltar of Dubrovnik, rises 37 meters above sea level, and through its history has had many roles. The primary reason for its construction was a defensive nature, with main goal of protecting freedom…

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